Health Comes First

We all have goals - life goals, job goals, health goals. The list can go on and on. We pick the ones that seem most important or pressing and focus on those, pushing the others to the back of our mind until "later".

The goals most often pushed aside or ignored are those to do with our own health. Losing weight or exercising can be done "later". Shopping for and preparing healthy foods can be pushed off until "later". Until later is this phantom time that never seems to come around.

The problem with that, of course, is that our health is the key to accomplishing everything else. You can work more hours at your job, until suddenly you can't - because your body burns out or gets sick. You can keep giving more time to your family or your church or whatever other organization you belong to - until you don't have anything more to give.

You can ignore pain, tiredness or other symptoms and keep pushing until you can't get anymore out of yourself. What happens to all those pressing tasks, goals, jobs and other people when you are down for the count?

There is a saying: You can't pour from an empty cup.

It's used a lot when we talk about taking time for ourselves - relaxation time, entertainment, spiritual pursuits.

It's not usually translated into doing the things you need to do to keep your BODY healthy so that it can keep serving you.

If you focus on YOUR health as your TOP priority - how would your life look different? Would you feel better? Have more energy? Accomplish more? Be more available to your family? Would you have the confidence of knowing you could put something important like the health of your body first and the world around you would keep turning? After all - if you don't care for the only body you have been given - where are you going to live when it fails you?

So the first rule - health first. Take the time, take the resources, take the energy required and take care of your body. The other things will fall into place after.

The second rule - focus - narrowly.

If you could narrow what you want to accomplish for your health down to one simple action that you could take every day - what would that look like?

Say you have an overall goal of weight loss. This is an awesome goal. It addresses lots of troublesome issues: fatigue, joint pain, mobility, heart health and more.

Lots of people want to lose a few (or more) pounds, but don't know how to start. They try too many things at once, or go after every shiny object they see (new diets, work out programs, pills, etc) thinking that each one will be a magic bullet and take the effort out of the process. Very few who do things this way succeed in the long term.

So what if you take the bigger or more general goal, like losing weight,and break it? Narrow it down into it's most simple parts - then focus on the one that will make all the others come easier.

To lose weight, the general wisdom is move your body, and fe