12 Days of #shoplocal 10/12

Welcome to Day #10 of our 12 Days of #shoplocal series - featuring local brands and companies we love.

Tenth on our list is Going With The Grain Bakery in Harrisville, PA.

This is not your average bread! It is sloooow bread. That means it can take as much as 18-36 hours from start to finish for each batch. It is hand baked using local organic flours and grains in small batches.

The make a variety of different kinds: Country French, Roasted Garlic, Oatmeal Honey Wheat and more... We like all the ones we have tried so far.

We get them fresh every few weeks and let everyone know when through email and Facebook. You can even place preorders for your favorites (availability may vary).

Check out their website to find out more about them and to see all the kinds of bread they bake . (Let us know what you would like to try!)


Check back with us tomorrow - we will be sharing another local product!