12 Days of #shoplocal 9/12

Welcome to Day #9 of our 12 Days of #shoplocal series - featuring local brands and companies we love.

#9 on our list is Firebean Espresso in Downtown Sharon, PA.

Okay, Okay - We know it's NOT a health food. But we can't stick to healthy stuff all the time and some days we really need that extra kick to make it through. Plus their Iced Caramel Firebean Kicker is amazing!

And you won't find nicer people to make your coffee than Kim & Angie. My kids absolutely love coming in to look at all the cute decorations and art. They also always make a beeline for the chess set. It's a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps me coming back. (And did I mention their drinks are delicious?)

Firebean Espresso opened in 2017 right in downtown Sharon. (154 East State St) They are next to Sokol Studios and are a great addition to the shops located downtown. Please visit - if you love coffee - you won't be disappointed!

Check out their Facebook page to see pictures of their amazing drinks and to find out more about them. https://www.facebook.com/FIREBEANEspresso/

Check back with us tomorrow to find out about an awesome local bakery!