12 Days of #shoplocal 5/12

Welcome to Day #5 of our 12 Days of #shoplocal series - featuring local brands and companies we love.

Fourth on our list is Berlin Natural Bakery in Berlin, OH.

Their breads and other products are made with spelt, an ancient grain related to wheat. They are non-gmo project verified and the grain they use comes from Germany and is certified to be chemical free.

So what is spelt, really? Spelt is an ancient relative of the modern wheat. It has a better nutritional profile than wheat and some people who cannot tolerate modern wheat products have found they CAN tolerate spelt. It does contain gluten - so those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance still need to stay clear of it.

This is the only kind of bread my kids will eat! And I am ok with that - because of the super short ingredient list that tells me this bread only contains wholesome ingredients!

We prefer the Sprouted Spelt Bread.

Seriously - I have tried to bake whole grain bread with simple ingredients. It did not turn out like this! I have no idea how they do it, but this is one of the best sliced breads we have experienced. (Sometimes it can be a little crumbly due to variations in the spelt harvest. We almost always toast it - but that's just how my kids like it.)

They have lots of varieties available - biblical, sourdough, raisin, even pumpkin streusel!

Check out their website to find out more about them and other spelt products they make. (If we don't stock something you want to try - let us know! We are ALWAYS glad to special order items for you!)


Check back with us tomorrow - we will be sharing another local company!