12 days of #shoplocal 2/12

This is our second post in a series of 12 featuring local products and businesses that we love and want to share with you!

Local Organically Grown Produce - Impossible to find in Pennsylvania?

Not at all. You just need to check out the North West Pennsylvania Grower Co-op.

A Growers Co-op (Cooperative) is a group of farmers that gets together and offers "shares" of that years harvest for people to purchase. You pay for your share at the beginning of the season so that the farmers have money for seed and other expenses and then each week you get a box of whatever yummy vegetables are ready at that time. It is a truly great way to support local agriculture.

We have been the drop off location for Hermitage since 2013 and we have always been impressed with the quality and variety of the produce in the shares as well as the people who keep everything running smoothly.

The NWPA Growers offer shares throughout the year. Summer is the longest growing season and so has the most variety of items, but we are right at the beginning of the winter season and the shares are full of beautiful squash, potatoes, lettuce and more.

There is also a webstore only option if you just want to order what they have available when you need it. (Delivery is still the same day as for the shares.)

Their products include all-natural/organic produce, meats, eggs, bath products, maple products, and more. We get our local cage free and organic eggs and some of our meats through them!

They serve customers in Allegheny, Butler, Crawford, Lawrence, Mercer and Venango Counties. Their products come from small family farms in northwestern Pennsylvania that use organic growing practices. This means they are organic in practice but don't have certification, which is an expensive process and drives up the price of organic foods.

Check out their website for more information and to sign up. www.nwpagrowers.com

Tomorrow we will share another place we get local, delicious food from!

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