12 Days of #shoplocal 1/12

Welcome to Day #1 of our 12 Days of #shoplocal series - featuring local brands and companies we love.

The first on our list is Hillcrest Apiaries in New Wilmington, PA.

They are a family run honey business that has been around since 1976. They have the best local raw & unfiltered honey around!

Many people use it to help combat seasonal allergies. A tablespoon or two a day is all you need! (Mix it with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for a great overall tonic!)

We like to use it in our yogurt and in baking. So delicious!

It's available in lots of sizes from 2 oz "baby bears" up to 5 lb bottles. We also have their comb honey and beeswax.

Save the bees! You may ask why bees are so important. Honey bees pollinate crops such as apples, cranberries, melons and broccoli. Some crops, including blueberries and cherries are 90% dependent on honey bee pollination. You can help save the bees by watching what you spray in your yard and by buying organic when possible.

Check back with us tomorrow - we will be sharing another local food source.

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