Why shop local?

Welcome to our store's first blog post!

We intend to use this as a way to share information, tell you about great products and also to let you in on a little of what goes on behind the scenes at our store (chaos, but the good kind made by kids and life and trying to be the best we can be to serve our community.)

A little about our store - Wholesome Fare was started in 1995 by Bob and Helen Brown (my grandparents). Back then - healthy eating was not the "trend" that it is now. They sold dried beans, bulk snacks, vegetarian foods, some soaps and toothpastes, and a limited amount of vitamins.

They had been vegetarian for all their married life (60 years!), and wanted to share a healthy lifestyle with as many people as they could. They held cooking classes and health seminars and even brought in people to give talks (Sweet Annie!)

The first location was in the old school building in Sharpsville. After a few years we moved to a location in Hermitage on Pine Hollow Blvd.

For several years we had two locations, after we took over a store on State Street from Dr. Patrick Clune, a local podiatrist, who sold mostly vitamins.

After we welcomed a new baby in 2013 and Bob passed away in 2014 we decided to make our lives a little easier by moving everything to the store on State Street (next to Philadelphia Candies).

We couldn't have been more surprised and overwhelmed by the support we received after this move. We expected to shrink back but instead we grew and continue to grow!

So now several years and another baby later we are still here - serving Hermitage and the surrounding areas and trying to bring together as many local food growers, products and vendors as we can.

Why is shopping local so important?

This is why! When you buy from a local shop, restaurant or farmer you are helping a family feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads. You are helping them pay for schools, for lessons, for books and clothes.

You are also keeping your town alive by allowing these small businesses to hire workers - which contributes to the taxes that keep up roads and police departments and schools. The local businesses also pay taxes - on property, on income, and other fees and licences.

It can be tempting nowadays to "browse" in local stores and then "amazon it" to save a few dollars. We all need to realize that those extra few dollars you might pay for that item are an investment in that local small business, a family and your community.

Thank you for support over these many years and we hope to continue to serve you for many years to come. Bob always used to say that we were "more than a store" because you are "more than a customer". We still try to operate with those words in mind.

We look forward to sharing more about what's going on at our store and about great products (many of them locally sourced!).

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